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    8 Services for Senior Citizens

    We all need a little extra help sometimes, but this need generally intensifies for senior citizens – whether the effects of getting older or just facing changing circumstances cause it. Most people are familiar with assisted living facilities, but what about a specialist to help you pack your belongings and move? Or someone to help you pay your bills and stay organized?

    It is difficult when we realize that we can’t always do everything on our own. So it can be valuable to be aware of what kinds of services exist for senior citizens. With that in mind, here are 8 types of services that some senior citizen clients have found of value:

    1. Paying bills and getting organized: Are you now responsible for dealing with your household’s financial affairs, after your spouse previously handled things? Or do you need help paying bills, reconciling your checkbook, or tracking expenses? In-home bill payment and organization specialists can help you take control of your household financial situation again. These organizations will send experienced bookkeepers to your home to help you pay bills and handle paperwork. Using such a service alleviates some of the pressure and gives you added peace of mind.
    2. Downsizing your home, moving, or settling an estate: Are you looking to downsize your home? There are services that can take the stress out of moving by helping to sort through personal belongings, and help you decide what to take, sell, donate or give away. They can even pack your belongings and un-pack them at your new home. Usually these services have affiliations with appraisers who can help value and sell high-end items. In terms of moving to another home, it can be as simple as contacting a local moving company and finding out the cost of having your entire home packed and moved for you.
    3. Meal prep with an in-home chef: Are you unable to prepare meals any longer? There are services that send a chef to your home weekly to prepare food that meets specific dietary needs. These chefs can ensure you get all the nutrition you need, especially if you’re facing certain medical issues. And who doesn’t want tasty food served to them in the comfort of their own home? You might find someone experienced by signing up for a website such as Care.com and listing what you need.
    4. Patient advocates: Do you need help making medical decisions? Patient advocates and geriatric care managers can help tackle medical problems. Health care specialists are available who will accompany you to doctor appointments and help your family make decisions concerning medical issues, if needed. This can be an especially useful service when family members live out-of-town.
    5. Managing health insurance claims: Are you fighting health insurance claims? There are services that will organize, track and appeal your health insurance claims, which could be especially useful when there are large claims after an extended illness.
    6. Searching for assisted living: Do you need help finding the right assisted living option? There are services that know which facilities may be preferable for different situations and can guide you through negotiating costs and asking important questions. A Place for Mom is one such service that provides support and assistance at no cost to you.
    7. Claiming your VA benefits: If you, or your spouse, are a veteran and you are currently receiving care at home or in a facility, you may qualify for a VA Aid and Attendance Pension. Certain attorneys specialize in helping apply for this benefit. The Senior Veterans Service Alliance provides plenty of information that can help you look into it.
    8. Modifying your home for mobility: Do you want to stay at home but it’s difficult to maneuver? Small or large home modifications may allow you to remain living independently, and can be especially helpful for somebody with disabilities or mobility problems. There’s even options that offer financial assistance in paying for it. Check with your insurance, as well, to see if they cover any of the expenses.

    Don’t limit yourself into thinking that you can only get help through traditional services like in-home nursing or monthly cleaning. In today’s world, there are many options available for when you need that extra bit of help. It’s as simple as reaching for your phone or logging onto the internet. We hope these resources assist you!

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