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    Services OfferedThe Fiduciary is called upon when a person needs help taking care of themselves or their estate. Sometimes it is as easy as helping write checks making sure the bills are paid or even help in setting up a budget. Other times it is administrating the trust or stepping in as a conservator (this position can only be appointed by the court). The following are services I provide:

    Licensed Services

    • Executor/Administrator
    • Serve as Trustee of living trust or special needs trust
    • Act as agent under power of attorney
    • Serve as Conservator or Guardian

    Lifestyle Maintenance Services

    • Reconcile bank statements
    • Write checks
    • Schedule bill payments
    • Monitor assets
    • Oversee household maintenance
    • Collect rents, monitor investment property
    • Review insurance policies
    • Maintain records for annual tax preparation

    I also serve as a Resource Consultant for the following life events:

    • Strategies for planning when family live far away
    • Comprehensive needs-assessment
    • Formulation of a care plan
    • Locating a qualified physician or other health professional
    • Estimating the cost of in-home care
    • Home safety assessment and recommendations
    • Options for our-of-home placement
    • On-site investigation of care facilities
    • Guidance for adult children facing role reversal
    • Guidance for special needs including substance abuse and mental health issues
    • Alzheimer’s and dementia issues
    • Choices for dealing with reclusive behavior
    • Moving a senior, locally and out of state
    • Elder abuse and undue influence issues
    • Working with Adult Protective Services
    • Suggestions for preserving family communication and avoiding conflict
    • End of life planning

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