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    Sue’s comments: I’ve known Michael for several years now and have always found him to be an ethical person to work with and a fun person to be around. I got Michael on the telephone and asked him to tell me a little bit about working with his clients. What you find below is what I wrote based on that conversation.

    There are many reasons a person may choose a fiduciary to handle their estate and financial matters. There can be issues, both real and perceived, in having a family member or friend handle these matters but appointing a fiduciary like Michael alleviates any appearance of a family member or friend taking advantage. Michael helps you maintain those friendships and family relations so there are no feelings of mistrust or misuse of funds.

    A client may have financial issues such as outstanding debts to deal with. Michael can help that client put their life back together by putting together a plan to deal with those debts as well as a plan to work together on a regular basis to manage the bills.

    Michael’s goal is to keep a person as independent as possible for as long as possible. He can help promote peace and avoid the wars so often heard of in families when it comes to money matters. There’s no need for ‘sides’ or ‘war’ to gain control when a third party handles those matters.

    Let Michael remove your additional burden in your time of grief. He keeps everyone informed and helps alleviate misunderstandings and mistrust. He removes causes of dissension. He engenders trust, answers your questions, handles the matters you don’t have time for or aren’t in a position to handle because you are out-of-state.

    Benefits of Working with Storz Fiduciary:

    • Maintain friendships and family relations
    • Put your life back together
    • Put together a financial plan
    • Remain independent
    • Promote peace
    • Remove burdens
    • Stay informed
    • Alleviate misunderstandings
    • Remove causes of dissension
    • Engender trust

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