• February 10, 2014 / 

    Effective September 1, 2019

    Minimum Monthly Service Charge$150/month
    (Not applicable to court-supervised accounts)

    Hourly fees are billed in .10/hour (6 minute) increments:

    Administrative Duties$165/hr
    Services include but not limited to:

    Client consultation
    Review trust, conservatorship and/or estate documents
    Consult with drafting or fiduciary attorney as required
    Set up asset, liability, vendor and client informational records
    Process Social Security representative payee information
    Coordinate client care management services
    Review and negotiate vendor contracts
    Marshal estate assets and prepare inventory
    Client visitation
    Review and approve disbursements
    Correspondence – letter, fax, telephone or email
    Legal consultation
    After hours emergency contact – number provided as required, minimum one-hour administrative fee for each call (Not applicable to court-supervised accounts)
    Travel time door to door

    Financial Operations$80/hr
    Services include but not limited to:

    Manage vendor invoice and bill payments
    Expedite securities liquidation, transfer, and distribution
    Client and vendor correspondence via letter, fax, telephone or email
    Operating account transaction review and reconciliation
    Process bank deposits
    Prepare information for annual tax preparation

    Property Management$80/hr
    Services include but not limited to:

    Maintain real and personal property insurance
    Manage personal property retention, storage and disposal
    Perform periodic property site visits
    Manage property tax, utility and maintenance payments
    Travel time door to door

    File Management$55/hr
    Services include but not limited to:

    Create and maintain electronic and hard copy document files
    Process client address changes
    Retrieve, log, scan, review and route incoming client-specific mail