• February 12, 2013 /  Basics

    caregiverThere are many issues in caring for someone whether it is your child, parent, spouse or friend. I will be writing a series of brief articles to help you or direct you to resources that can help in your role as caregiver. This article concentrates on you, the caregiver.

    It has been said that the doctor cannot take care of the patient unless s/he takes care of themselves. The same is true for the caregiver. If you are stressed or sick how do you effectively take care of your charge?

    AARP has many resources to help caregiver and suggests the following:

    1. Figure out your priorities
    2. Take time out from caregiving
    3. Ask for help
    4. Spend time with other people
    5. Find some free outlets for your energy

    They have a host of other suggestions and resources that you can find and use at the following web link.


    Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center is also a great resource and Seniors First has referred many of its clients to them. You may reach them by calling 800-635-0220 or visiting their website at: http://www.deloro.org

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