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    Five Wellness Tips for Seniors

    This is our last post in the ongoing series on health topics, and we’re going to go over five basic tips that all seniors can apply in their lives. By taking these general proactive steps you can lessen and even delay the severity of any health issues that arise. As always, run any diet and supplement changes by your doctor first!

    Tip #1: Take a fish oil supplement, which are rich in EFAs. Many seniors have a limited income and having something that gives the best bang for your buck is always a plus. Fish oil is one of them and highly recommended by many health professionals.

    Fish oil helps manage cardiovascular health by making platelets less sticky and therefore reducing your likelihood of clots, which can cause strokes or heart attacks. They also reduce atherosclerosis by lowering two repair proteins that encourage the spread of atherosclerotic tissue in arteries. In effect, they help fully open arteries. Fish oil assists in reducing inflammation for those with osteoarthritis or injuries due to trauma. It’s actually a key factor in decreasing age related memory decline. Those at risk for Alzheimer’s and/or dementia will find this extremely important.

    Tip #2: Eat a wide variety of fresh, organic food. This tip can be applied to anyone since many settle into a regular routine regardless of age. Eating the exact same thing for years increases one’s chance of accumulating food sensitivities. When this happens, digestive issues crop up and effective absorption of nutrients from food is reduced. Disease and other health related issues are guaranteed to become a problem. As we age, stomach acid (which is key in helping one break down food in the digestive system) is produced less. Eating seasonally and/or buying a CSA will help one increase variety in their diet.

    Tip #3: Take a probiotics and eat foods rich in good bacteria. Probiotics help increase your immune system, which can be very helpful for seniors that get ill often. If you’re encountering any food sensitivities (because you didn’t follow tip #2!) then probiotics are definitely your friend. Some foods that are rich in good bacteria are kombucha tea, kimchi, sauerkraut, miso and kefir.

    Tip #4: Take a CoEnzymeQ10 supplement. When our body becomes ill or imbalanced, it creates free radicals. One way of addressing this is to increase your antioxidants. CoEnzymeQ10 is an antioxidant nutrient and is a key factor in preventing atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular related problems. Many medications on the market directed at seniors have a side effect that drastically depletes your CoEnzymeQ10 reserves. If you take any heart medication it is imperative that you take this supplement.

    Take #5: Include medicinal mushrooms in your diet. Fungi are more beneficial to humans than you might expect! Traditionally used in ancient cultures for a range of conditions, they are useful for the immune, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestive, and skeletal/muscular systems. They work very similarly to an adaptogen by helping the body return to a balanced state. Numerous studies suggest they contain compounds that support immunity, prevent infection and provide additive or synergistic effects in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Medicinal mushrooms include shitake, maitake, reishi and cordyceps.

    Senior health care is often a cause of concern. You may have spent a large part of your younger life pursuing work, career and family goals. As you retire from your hectic routine, the pace of life begins to slow down. It requires effort to pay attention to what your body demands, and ensure that you continue to live a long and healthy life.

    With age, priorities change. If those were the days when earning money or sustaining the needs of your family was your priority, the senior years can be looked upon as an opportunity to pamper yourself. Take care of yourself. Beyond these tips, look for other ways to improve your overall wellbeing. Go get a massage, join a spa, or sign up for an art class. Think outside the box. By incorporating practical healthcare with inner self-care, you’ll find great advantages to embracing your senior years!

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